Konvertible is a program to convert audio files to other audio formats using ffmpeg. Konvertible simplifies file conversion for ffmpeg users. You can add more than one audio file and then click the convert button to transcode them one after the other.

Download it from kde-apps.org. Currently its at version 0.1.4. For now meta tags in the original file are not copied to new file. I found that ffmpeg does not do that most of the time and I am trying to use taglib for the next version. Check out a screen shot to be enticed.

Konvertible is my first code contribution to the Free/Open Source community. It came about because I had to convert some FLAC files of my CDs into MP3s as my mobile phone cannot play FLACs. Before Konvertible, I had a Bash script which used to this, fortunately I lost it (maybe its still there on my other computer).

Unlike the script, Konvertible allows you to select the audio codec you want and you don’t have to recall it from your mind. You just select it from the combo box. Konvertible hides ffmpeg, but still uses it underneath.


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